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2011 Ford Fiesta

The Big City and My Ford Fiesta

Posted on May 23rd, 2011 · Posted in Technology

love living in a big urban area like Dallas, but one of the most dis-pleasurable things for me personally is parking the big cars us Texans are known for. If Big Hair is what Dallas is known for around the world, big Trucks and SUV’s is almost just as synonymous..
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iPhone + App Store = iPod + iTunes

Posted on July 26th, 2008 · Posted in Technology

s more people recently stood inline for their shiny new iPhone 3g and first version iPhone holders downloaded the 2.0 firmware update they just might grab a tight hold on its biggest door opening product, the App store. Like in the infamous dancing ad campaigns tell us the iPod has..
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Cinema Screen-size and its audience

Posted on April 16th, 2008 · Posted in Culture

e are in new age of media development and enjoyment. From smaller and thinner screens to media companies totally frazzled by their consumers choices. No one can doubt how many things have changed and you know things have changed because the major media companies have been suing their customers for..
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iPhone Update 2008

Posted on February 18th, 2008 · Posted in Technology

It’s time to update my wishlist for the iPhone alot has happened since I attended MacWorld in January 2008. I was there in San Francisco and while I was not in the same room with Steve Jobs I was able to be a part of a live broadcast in a..
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Dear Steve, iPhone Wish List 2008

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 · Posted in Technology

Dear Mr Steve Jobs, Santa’s job for the year might be over but your day is coming up on the 15th of January at Macworld 2008. I have had my iPhone back for about a month and while I think its the best phone I personally have ever had. By..
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iPhone Clarification

Posted on December 20th, 2007 · Posted in Technology

I have had my iPhone back for about a week and am still enjoying it ever so much. Even-though I am a virgin of the smartphone category. You don’t have to look far to find good and bad reviews of the iPhone and heated arguments weather its technically a smartphone...
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